Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Consider, that true, sound, solid marks, signs, and evidences, are the best way to prevent delusions. There is no such deceit in sound and solid evidences, as there is in flashy joys, and in high and strange raptures, by which many glistering professors have been sadly deceived and deluded. Young Samuel, being not acquainted with any extraordinary manifestations of the presence and power of God, took the voice of God from heaven to be the voice of old Eli.
Ah! how many have there been in our days, that have taken the irregular motions of their own hearts, and the violent workings of their own distempered fancies, and imaginations, and Satanical delusions, to be the visions of God, celestial raptures, divine breathings, and the powerful impulses of the Spirit of God; and so have been stirred up to speak, write, and act such things that have been, not only contrary to the holy word of God, but also contrary to the very laws of nature, and nations."

Now this piece was written about 1650 by Thomas Brooks. Seems like there have been televangelists since the inception of Christianity. I have seen many winds and ways come and go in the last 40 years. This piece of advice written centuries ago, is as good today as it was then. "Be wise as a serpent...."

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Mel said...

Interesting food for thought. Does the text before or after this excerpt tell you the names of any of the people that may have influenced his writing this?

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
No, there is nothing to give away who he was speaking about, but as we apply it to our world we would but have to turn on our TV's and find a host of those who would fit.

In most of the Puritan writings I have read they speak often of the mystical union with Christ as a necessary part of our relationship, but there writings are highly practical and I have the sense they were always on guard against enthusiasic error.
They probably wouldn't visit Brownsville or some of the Vinyard churches in their beginnings when manifestations were the focus.
No prayer cloths either, I suspect.
Come to think of it, they never mentioned being slayed in the spirit. I know you could add to the list.
Their focus was pretty much holiness, charity, fervent prayer, honesty and other boring subjects like that :)
God bless,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

When people are deluded by false propaganda not based on solid foundation they should always seek guidance from people who know about these things instead of trying to interpret in their own way.

Very informative and useful post.

In the case of Catholics we go by what Church tells us whether it is right or wrong. We don't interpret anything on our own.

Have a nice day Fred:)