Sunday, July 26, 2009

The following quote by Addison caught my attention; he is describing a dream in which he saw a golden scale and it weighed the values of different virtues, vices. This is pulled out of a whole chapter but I think this part will stand on its own --

"There is a saying among the Scotch, that an ounce of mother-wit is worth a pound of clergy; I was sensible of the truth of this saying when I saw a difference between the weight of natural talents and that of learning. The observations which I made upon these two weights opened to me a new field of discoveries; for, notwithstanding the weight of the natural talents was much heavier than that of learning, I observed that it weighed a hundred times heavier than it did before, when I put learning into the same scale with it.
I made the same observation upon faith and morality; for, notwithstanding the latter outweighed the former separately, it received a thousand times more additional weight from its conjunction with the former, than what it had by itself. This odd phenomenon showed itself in other particulars, as in wit and judgment, philosophy and religion, justice and humanity, zeal and charity, depth of sense and perspicuity (clarity of thought, explicitness), of style, with innumerable other particulars too long to be mentioned in this paper."

So, after I read this ten times to finally understand it, I was taken by the truth of it. For example, in God's scale, justice without humanity weighs little; and zeal without charity leads to who knows what? And if one has a depth of sense and is sensitive to emotions, but lacks the ability to put those thoughts into words, it has little value.


Bluebirdy said...

Hello Dear Friend!
It has been so many many months since I have been able to do my blog visiting and to thank you and others for your comments on my blog, but I am getting better now. I just wanted to say hello and to thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. You're a very good hearted man.

Bluebirdy said...

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

Very interesting and thought provoking post.

Mothers wit is above clergy. From the time we are are conceived in the womb till the time we grow up, marry, have children, become old,mothers play a very vital role in our life. We learn so many things consciously and unconsciously from them. We do many things which they have been doing. We repeat so many things to our children which they have been telling us. Mothers influence on our lives is all encompassing, all powerful, all pervading. We just cannot escape it. They are God's representatives on this earth to take care of us. They have a very unique and a very special role to play in our lives.

As far as the clergy is concerned, they play a vital role in shaping our religious outlook, our morality, our faith etc. But as we grow up, we start thinking and analizing, wondering what the clergy teaches us is correct or not. Ir is well known that some preachers do not follow their precepts.

I suppose more can be written on this wonderful post. For the present I think I should stop now.

Have a lovely day Fred,

Mel said...

I love this post, Fred! It's particularly meaningful in this time of searching for efficiency and "green" solutions. In my own life, I loathe waste and the idea of waste, and seek to make the most faithful use possible of all resources and opportunities. Obviously, there are certain combinations in life that allow for the most meaningful and fruitful use of time, money, talent, resource and opportunity. I pray that God will show them to me, and that my overloaded brain will "get it," before it's too late... After all, we only have one life to live. I want to live mine to the fullest, and teach my children to do the same.

Mel said...

p.s. I love the picture you chose to accompany this post.... :)

FCB said...

Hi Sheila,
it is so good to see your face pop up again!, I've missed you. I'm glad you are feeling better, health issues are so difficult to deal with and you have had more than your share, I pray through it all you are able to sense God's love and care for you.

I will try and add the gadget "Followers", although I'm so computer illiterate it's a wonder I can type.
God bless Sheila,

Hi Joseph,
Each time you write about mothers you do it with such affection and respect that I imagine you must of had a wonderful and loving mother.
I imagine you playing at your mother's knee and experiencing the many things you write about.
Parenting is a huge responibility, and one I wish I had done a better job of, the most difficult but most rewarding task of all.
God bless and good to hear from you,

Hi Mel,
It's interesting to me how you applied this to efficiency and "green" solutions, I hadn't thought about that; I love the way your mind reaches everywhere for application.
Glad you liked the picture,
God bless,