Sunday, July 19, 2009

On May 3rd I posted an incident that happened in the nursing home, where I noticed a woman who was so lost and calling for her husband and couldn't understand where he had gone and the more I talked with her the more she cried and suffering from apparent dementia, I finally left her, not being able to comfort or aid her. Well, today that same woman came up to me before the service and asked if she could share something with the group. When everyone gathered she began by explaining that she had recently been given the news that her husband had died as well as her sister, and she was under a cloud of depression, confusion and grief; but God had come to her aid and spoke His confidence to her heart that they were with Him, and just trust Him and she will see them again. She spoke with perfect clarity and with God's peace radiating from within. I was slayed by the loving Spirit of God, how He so mercifully heard her cries, and applied His healing balm to her soul. I realized when I first saw her she had just received the news and was in emotional trauma, and what seemed to be dementia was actually shock.

These simple testimonies of how God rescues the souls of the desperate are what makes me love Him all the more.


fcb4 said...

So moving...this truly is the deep and nurturing love of God that captured my soul. He is so good. It's posts like these that make me just relish in His love, deep in my spirit.

...In fact, its more like wallowing in it; like my dog does the know when dogs roll around on their back, with their tongues hanging out and their feet kicking in the air and they look all stupid?
Yah, its more like that.

Matt said...

It must have been something to hear her testimony. And good on you for being there both times.

Mel said...

Fred, this post fills my heart to overflowing with joy. So simple and so powerful and so joyful is the faithful love of our Father God.

With much fond affection,

FCB said...

Hi Eric,
Your illustration makes me laugh, but it is so true; this is what first drew me to Him and in spite of all the folly found in us, it is what keeps me.

Hi Matt,
It really was something, I can't remember anything lately that has moved me so. I was just heart sick for her when I first encountered her, she reminded me of Sue's mom, kind of looks like her and about the same age, I left her feeling so helpless and inadequate, but apparently in this instance, God wanted me to pray and He would do the rest. He did it so well.
Love Dad

Hi Mel,
me too, when I went looking for a picture to describe my feelings this one immediately brought me to tears, this sweeping love that rushed to her and caught her when she needed Him most, man, it makes me choke up still. What a mighty God we serve!