Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm so eager to share but my new work schedule has been so demanding initially, that I have found little time to blog. That being so I do want to share the story of one of the guys at the center. I have some misgivings about sharing because it is so personal; but he will remain anonymous, but even so it gives me a tinge of discomfort. I have been talking with as many guys as I can to get to know them so I can better serve them. I began a conversation and this young man was very open as we talked on the floor. He began to tell me of his drug use and some things that had happened in his past; he mentioned he was very close with his parents, and had a happy childhood when his father suddenly left the family and could no longer stand to be married, he went on and then told me he was driving down the road one night and a girl who apparently was trying to commit suicide, had laid down in the street and at 65 miles an hour, he ran over her and killed her; as he mentioned this his face grimaced and I immediately asked him to come to my office and talk further; the floor was nowhere to discuss this.
I asked him to go on with his story and the last significant piece was after he had reunited with his father, who he loved very much, he visited him and lived with him on and off as I recall, but his father's health began to dwindle. His father had good days and an equal amount of bad days, but on one day in particular his aunt was visiting and was alarmed how sickly his father looked, and suggested he take him to the doctor. He had seen his father look poorly many times and told her he felt there was no need to take him to the doctor, it was just another bad day for him. Later that afternoon, he went to the store for a quick purchase, but when he returned his father had died.

I wanted to talk with this young man because I noticed that he had difficulty making eye contact and I didn't know if this was because he was guilty about something or ashamed; I realized that it was shame. I talked with him about it in detail and he poured out his heart. I sensed a close presence of God as we talked and I believe Christ gave me the encouraging words that He wanted this man to hear. Needless to say my heart went out to him and I was so gratified to hear the next day, as he approached me, that the things we discussed were of great comfort to him.

I have never been around so many men who have suffered so grievously, and each one has a story, and in that story a starting place where hurt began a destructive course. This organization is a life blood for these men and Jesus is the center of the ministry, and He is there with all His tender mercies and full glory.

Picture of the beginning of a new life by Guenter Eh


HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred and God put you into this ministry because He knew that you would be there with a true heart of compassion. Your a blessing Fred.
I know you will hear many more stories like this and no matter what do not ever lose your compassion. Its a beautiful thing.
This man has a major testimony I hope one day he shares with others. I feel that God can use our life's hurts to touch the lives of others and this man's story is powerful! My heart goes out to him reading this. I will keep him in my prayers.

FCB said...

Hi Mary,
I so agree with you that the sorrows we have suffered in this life will be used to touch others, and this job is filled with opportunities to serve. I am really surprised how quickly the guys open up when I make a time to talk with them; within minutes they are opening up and pouring out. I thought I would have to work with them for some time, but they want to talk and it has been rich. It is a fast paced, hectic situation, by far the most difficult position of my life, but by far the best.
Love Fred

Bluebirdy said...

What an amazing story. In each life in these last days, there seems to be more pain than a human is meant to bear. The picture is just amazing! Shedding "the old you". I was looking at your counter. I don't think I have ever seen a blog with almost 17,000 visitors from 21 countries! You are very well-known! You touch many lives!
for adding the "followers" gadget, do you know how to get to the "dashboard" of your blog? If not, let me know. If you do, go there, click "layout", then "add a gadget". Then a list of gadgets will come up. Choose the one that says "followers". For me it's the very first one listed. Click on the blue plus sign beside the word "followers". Click SAVE, and you're done. Go view your blog, and you might be surprised to see a bunch of people already following your blog!
Bless you Fred.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

Amazing post. The information that you have provided is heart touching. I feel sad for the young man who had so many misfortunes in his young life. Sometimes people are put to great tests unknowingly and they get into serious trouble. Their lives are shattered and they find it difficult to come out of it.

This young man needs a lot of courage and good words and sympathetic ear from you. You are in in a commanding position to do fantastic work for these miserable people.

Have a nice day Fred:)

Trudy said...

Oh my, that truly is heartbreaking stuff. Thank God this young man is where he is and that you have the compassion and desire to help him, with the love and grace of our Saviour!

It is said that out of our greatest heartbreaks stem our most important ministries and missions! I think that Jesus will use this young men, and many other no doubt, for great things in His name!

Thank you for sharing this with us Fred. The picture is disturbing but so very accurate and true!

2 Corinthians "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new"

God bless you Fred, and protect you in your wonderful work!

FCB said...

Hi Sheila,
"more pain than a human is meant to bear," I think you are so right. This life, without its glorious days, would certainly rob some of the will to live. I don't understand the place for such great suffering in God's plan, doubt I ever will. Maybe when I talk with Him face to face it can be understood, but this side of heaven it remains a mystery to me.
God bless and forgive me for being so truant with my blog,

Hi Joseph,
Good to hear from you, and you are so right, it takes a lot of courage and perserverance not to fall back into a medicated haze where memories are forgotten, if only for a while. This opportunity has called me to step up and live out so many things I have written about, hopefully I can supply some measure of success.
God bless you my friend,

Hi Trudy,
I agree, it is truly heartbreaking stuff; some times I see these guys as little kids or young boys, that should be living a carefree life filled with youthful imaginations, dirt smudged knees, and broken toys and trucks as their greatest distress; but sadly this is not their world. If there were no 2 Corinthians, I should totally despair.
God bless,

Danielle&Hannah said...

Hi Fred,

God knows why we experience all the things in life we do.. sometimes it is our unfortunate or unlucky experience which provides us with the ability to be an ear or understanding to another fellow man in time of need.
Everything happens for a reason. I hope that you progress in counsel with him and he finds much needed healing ...
I Peter 2:24
Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.