Sunday, August 09, 2009

"You cannot expect that a man while he is struggling to get out of the water and on the shore, will practice a dancing master's paces."

This quote captured my attention and I think it speaks well to us when we are in whatever situation that has ensnared us. A new Christian will produce fruit, but not until they have been established in grace and laid the foundation of repentance. To judge them because they lack certain graces is out of place. We learn 'line upon line' and at first we need only to find solid ground and escape the clutches of the world; fruit will come, but it grows in the summer season.

Photo by Miguel Pappan


Danielle&Hannah said...

"godly sorrow produces repentance" (2Co 7:10)
God alone works in our hearts and it is in His perfect time. We cannot rush the growth of a soul.. if we dig and dig to check that the potatoes are growing, we disrupt their growth... even a lemon tree has a stagnant year before it bears much fruit!
We must tend and care for the field and it is God who gives the increase. :)
I really like this point you have made Fred, it is along the lines of what I have been talking about lately! :)

FCB said...

Hi Danielle,
I love your comments! They so clearly describe and flesh out the quote.
Such a great illustration.
Bless you,