Saturday, August 29, 2009

I ran across this paragraph and believe it to be true, it betrays an independent spirit but I think it is wise counsel about following the teachings of one person too closely --

"I endeavor to avail my self of the examples, advice and sentiments of my brethren; yet at the same time to guard against calling any man master. This is the prerogative of Christ.
The best are but men; the wisest may be mistaken, and that which may be right in another might be wrong in me, through a difference in circumstances. The Spirit of God distributes variously, both in gifts and dispensations; and I would no more be tied to act strictly by other's rules than to walk in shoes of the same size. My shoes must fit my own feet."

John Newton - Photo by Shane Willi


Matt said...

Exactly, and the ones that think you need their fit are the ones to stay furthest from. It's taking me longer to figure out than it should, but I couldn't agree more with this one. I don't understand why you say it betrays an independent spirit? Seems to call for one.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

I wonder if you have watched your new counter closely. The number of visitors you get from India is 4th after US, UK, Canada. Surely, you are doing a wonderful job considering the fact that there are more fish to be caught in India for Christ because India has the second highest population of non believers in the world after China. I am sure Christ will be pleased with your efforts.

As regards your post, I think there is an element of truth in it. It is said that one man's food is another man's poison. Therefore, what is good and useful to someone may not be exactly applicable to us. We have to carefully weigh the pros and cons before we apply anything in our life which has done immense good to someone else.

Every life is different from the other and every circumstance is different from the other. No two individuals are the same. Hence what is good for me may not be good for you.

Excellent post. It made me contemplate. You have posted an apt photo. That shoe may not fit you or me.

Have a nice day Fred:)

FCB said...

Hi Matt,
You're right, I guess it does call for an independent spirit. We find comfort in adhering to the consensus of the group, but I have been disappointed every time I hold on too closely.
Love Dad

Hi Joseph,
I hadn't noticed that, but I think that has much to do with readers of your blog that may notice mine and drop by for a visit. Nice to work together with you. May God be praised.

I appreciate your comments on the quote as well, and so true that we have to carefully weigh the pros and cons, taking what is good.
God bless,