Saturday, August 22, 2009

I was reading some of Thomas Brooks and ran across this in his epistle dedicatory, where he gives his reasons for writing the book. As he describes his purpose I realized it is the reason we all are drawn to Christ, and it is a simple but clear description of the Gospel.

“…….You that are weak may, in this treatise, as in a glass, see your weakness, your mercies, your graces, your duties, your privileges, and your comforts. You that are weak in grace may, here find many questions answered and doubts resolved, that tend to the satisfying, quieting, settling, and establishing of your precious souls in peace, joy, and assurance. You that are weak in grace, may find here a staff to support you, a light to direct you, a sword to defend you, and a cordial to strengthen you. And you that are strong in grace, may here see what is your way, what is your work, and what at last shall be your reward. Here you will find that which tends to the discovery of spirits, the sweetening of spirits, the uniting of spirits, the healing of spirits, and the making up of breaches.”

I especially like the last line, and in particular "the discovery of spirits". I thought one application of that is as we meet people we should be on the lookout for the Godly spirits that they are graced with, so that we may better learn of Christ from them and better serve and encourage them.

I chose this delightful picture because it made me think how readily we would seek to know and learn about someone like this vibrant looking girl; so approachable, delightful and energized; but I have heard it said that, often men look upon another man they do not know as a potential threat, and I can't help but agree it is often the case.

Photo by David Larson


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

A very fascinating and delightful photo. The innocent and friendly smile is absolutely gorgeous.

We look upon strangers as a threat because I think it is a habit that is passed on to us from our primitive parents where self preservation was the foremost thing in their minds. And that fear still lingers on in our minds.

For instance, I have to visit some blogs several times and keep on commenting before I get a response. I think those blog owners distrust me and consider me as predator or a thief:):):) What do you think?

Thomas Brooks reasons for writing the book are fantastic and very revealing as to the many things that we need to live a good Christian life.

Have a lovely Sunday Fred:)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
You bring up an interesting point, about primitive roots; I hadn't considered that but I think there is some truth to that. I'm sure you are right when it comes to visiting other blogs, people fear and often think the worst; I suppose in this world it is natural and probably wise, but sad.
God bless Joseph,