Saturday, August 22, 2009

In reading through a section of "The Unsearchable Riches of Christ" by Brooks, he addresses the importance of a genuine, living faith in the heart of the preacher. The entire chapter is good but I will just share a few nuggets tucked within.

"Talk not of a good life," said the heathen, "but let thy life speak." Ministers should be like musk among linen, which casts a fragrant smell, or like that box of spikenard, which being broken open, filled the house with its odor.

Gregory saith of Anthanasius, that his life was a continual sermon and wooing men to Christ.

A painter being blamed by a cardinal for putting too much red upon the visages of Peter and Paul, tartly replied, that he painted them so, as blushing at the lives of those men who styled themselves their successors. Ah how do lewd and wicked lives of many that are called and accounted ministers, make others to blush!

The highest mystery in the divine rhetoric, is to feel what a man speaks, and then speak what a man feels.
Praxiteles exquisitely drew love, taking the pattern from that passion which he felt in his own heart.
It was said of Luther, that he spake as if he had been within a man. Ministers must so speak to the people, as if they lived in the very hearts of the people; as if they had been told all their wants, and all their ways, all their sins, and all their doubts.

And lastly -- "Ministers must preach feelingly, experimentally, as well as exemplarily. They must speak from the heart to the heart; they must feel the worth, the weight, the sweet of those things upon their own souls that they give out to others." 1 John 1: 1-3

Well that's a tall order and in these days they may be more rare than ever, but I can't disagree.

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Trudy said...

This is so true Fred, what a great post! I am fortunate to have such a minister...and my husband is now interning under him before he starts seminary. I hope he too, can be that type of pastor!

God bless!

fcb4 said...

I thought all we needed was a goatee, a styling hair cut and an ability to use hip lingo...

Matt said...

I particularly like the part of getting into others hearts and
"The highest mystery in the divine rhetoric, is to feel what a man speaks, and then speak what a man feels." I think most artists can hope for this. I would add today that if at all possible ministers should stay off illicit drugs and avoid prostitution...

FCB said...

Hi Trudy,
You are fortunate indeed, and there are many sincere, loving, hard-working Pastors out there, and I have sat under a few, always a great blessing. What a great opportunity for your husband! May he grow, prosper and become another loving Pastor.
God bless,

Hi Eric,
Oh yeah, that too :)One must be sure to keep that unruly neck hair groomed as well. (inside joke).
Love Dad

Hi Matt,
that sentence you quoted stuck out to me as well. It is a rare trait indeed. I also agree the prostitution and drugs should be kept to a minimum as well, at least keep it separate from the church budget :)
Gotta love my sons,