Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The following piece by Jeremy Taylor, after the loss of a son, imprisoned for his theology during the turbulent times in the 1600s, where he more than once lost all, writes the following paragraph about his remaining blessings.

“I am fallen into the hands of publicans and sequestrators, and they have taken all from me; what now? Let me look about me. They have left me the sun and moon, fire and water, a loving wife, and many friends to pity me, some to relieve me, and I can still discourse; and unless I list they have not taken away my merry countenance, and my cheerful spirit, and a good conscience, they still have left me the providence of God, and all the promises of the Gospel, and my religion, and my hopes of heaven, and my charity to them too; and still I sleep and digest, I eat and drink, I read and meditate, I can walk in my neighbor’s pleasant fields, and see the varieties of natural beauties, and delight in all that in which God delights, that is, in virtue and wisdom, in the whole creation, and in God himself.

And he that hath so many causes of joy and so great, is very much in love with sorrow and peevishness, who loses all these pleasures, and chooses to sit down on his little handful of thorns.”

I looked at a lot of photos for this piece but decided on these two because the top one by Seema, captures for me the bliss and simple pleasure of one of natures gifts to us-water.
The second picture by Maciej Dakowicz captures the essence of the post, we can be happy in nearly all circumstances if we enjoy what God has abundantly provided for all.


Matt said...

Can somebody say AMEN! The rub is you don't realize that until you're sitting in the shitpile with nothing!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

It is true that we have many blessings in this world for which we have to thank God profusely whereas there are millions going through poverty, sickness, homelessness, hunger and so on.

It is good to rejoice in the sun and moon and other things which are there but yet the loss of a son will cause an excruciating pain in our heart and the pain will take a long time to go.

The photos are really good especially the second one. The less earthly possessions we have, the less is our worry and the laughter will come deep from the heart.

It looks like you are busy in your new job and taking time to settle down.

Prayers and best wishes:)

FCB said...

Hi Matt,
I'll give a hearty amen! There is an old song from the forties I believe, that goes -- "No, no, they can't take that away from me." The application to this post fits nicely.
Love Dad

Hi Joseph,
You are so right, the laughter coming from the man in the picture
truly looks as though it is from deep in his heart, and when surveying his condition...... suffice to say it is meager.
God bless,

Donna said...

Amazing pictures, I really like the bottom pic. You have an insight to the heart of God and Man. Its an honor to have stumbled onto you. Blessings,