Sunday, September 27, 2009

I ran across this poem about freedom from generational curses by E.W.Wilcox, and I just love it. It kind of goes along with the post below about removing the tree roots and all.

I care not who were vicious back of me,
No shadow of their sins on me is shed.
My will is greater than heredity,
I am no worm to feed upon the dead.

My face, my form, my gestures, and my voice
May be reflections from a race that was,
But this I know, and knowing, I rejoice:
I am myself a part of the Great Cause.

I am a spirit! Spirit would suffice
If rightly used to set a chained world free,
Am I not stronger than a mortal vice
That crawls the length of some ancestral tree?

Statue from the Internet


Trudy said...

Hi Fred! This is a beautiful poem that speaks of the power and freedom in forgiveness! Great picture too.

God bless!

Matt said...

I like it. But today as I was trying to get the kids to be silent in the back of the car, (for what who knows why) I realized I'm like my dad!!!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

Very interesting poem.

I AM MYSELF A PART OF A GREAT CAUSE-- this is something very useful for us to remember at all times. We are not here by accident. There is a purpose and meaning to our earthly life. What we do here on earth has been already predetermined before we were born.

This brings to my mind whether bad people like murderers, robbers etc. belong to the GREAT CAUSE also.

Have a nice day Fred:)

FCB said...

Hi Trudy,
I thought you would like this and I hear so much of generational sins being passed on to the next generation, that when I read this I immediately liked it. "Am I not stronger (In my great cause) than a mortal vice that crawls the length of some ancestral tree?". I like that, we are set free in Christ and though we may be influenced by our ancestors we are not held captive by them.
God bless,

Hi Matt,
That may be a vice common to fathers the world over. What seems cute and adorable out of doors can drive one crazy in the back seat of a car!
Love Dad

Hi Joseph,
That sentence you quoted is encouraging isn't it? We do have a purpose and God unveils it a little more each day.
Now the last question you raise is too high for me. I'll have to let someone else answer that one.
God bless,