Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've posted quotes on this topic many times but it always speaks to me and as I work with many young Christians and from the mouth of these babes I find a great source of inspiration.
None are theologians, none have in depth Bible knowledge, but what they do have is a simple faith burning within them; a great hope they see in Christ, and it is contagious.

"High speculations are as barren as the tops of cedars; but the fundamentals of Christianity are fruitful as the valleys or the creeping vine. For know, that it is no mediation, but it may be an illusion, when you consider mysteries to become more learned, without thoughts of improving piety.... It was a saying of Aegidius, " that an old and a simple woman, if she loves Jesus, may be greater than was brother Bonaventure."
Lack of learning and disability to consider great secrets of theology, do not at all retard our progress to spiritual perfections."

Jeremy Taylor - photo from the Internet

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred:)

Very interesting post.

Simple faith. This is the key word. Recently I went to a church feast. I found people sweeping the floor as a mark of devotion. In the same church, I found some old people walking on their knees from the entrance to the altar. Simple faith. I will be posting some photos later in my blog.

Best wishes and prayers:)