Sunday, January 06, 2013

Antoninus Pius

  Emperor Antoninus Pius was a pagan Emperor but ruled with justice and mercy. Marcus Aurelius admired him greatly and wrote the following advice to those he ruled ---

  "Do everything as a disciple of Antoninus, say's Marcus Aurelius. "Remember his constancy in every act, which was conformable to reason, and his evenness in all things, and his piety, and the serenity of his countenance, and his sweetness, and his disregard of empty fame, and his efforts to understand things; and how he would never let anything pass without having first most carefully examined it, and clearly understood it; and how he bore with those who blamed him unjustly without blaming them in return; how he did nothing in a hurry; and how he listened not to calumnies, and how exact an examiner of manners and actions he was; not given to reproach people, nor timid, nor suspicious, nor a sophist; with how little he was satisfied, such as lodging, bed, dress, food, servants; how laborious and patient; how sparing he was in his diet; his firmness and uniformity in his friendships; how he tolerated freedom of speech in those who opposed his opinions;  the pleasure that he has when any man showed him anything better; and how pious he was without superstition. Imitate all this, that thou mayest have as good a conscience, when thy last hour comes, as he had."

  I should hope to have someone think so highly of me. He didn't believe in Christ, the church in its infancy at this time and in the middle of great controversy; but he wouldn't allow persecution of this new sect that was getting so much criticism. Would that we had leadership like this today.

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