Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 "We must be on our guard to prevent their imitation of ridiculous people; whose low and buffoon-like manners have something in them extremely revolting to noble and generous sentiments; we should be apprehensive lest children afterwards assume these very manners; as the warmth of their imagination, and pliability of body, added to the pleasure they seem to take in such diversion, gives them a peculiar aptitude to represent every ridiculous object they behold. This proneness to imitation, which is natural to children, is the source of infinite mischief when they are delivered up to improper people who are hardly able to restrain themselves before them. But providence has ordained this imitative power, that children may be also capable of applying themselves to what is good and virtuous. Often, without speaking to them, we have only to shew them in others what we would have them do themselves.” Fenelon

  I don't mean to pick on Jim Carrey but only as example of the things we allow our young children to see and possibly imitate. Rearing children is a sacred charge from God and if we truly want our children to grow into noble and virtuous adults we must abbreviate their exposure to the opposite. Just a thought. 

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