Monday, January 28, 2013

"Let us beware lest what we call faith be but the mere assent of a mind which has cared and thought so little about the objects of it's so-called faith, that it has never seen the difficulties they involve. Some such believers are the worst antagonists of true faith." George MacDonald.

  I like this thought; it made me think about the times I have defended a particular doctrine or article of faith, not based on my study, but on either my Christian culture or tradition or words spoken in a sermon, and I believe it because I'm convinced of other truths I have studied and found proof experientially. When we teach difficult doctrines, we owe the hearer at least an extensive study and experience before we challenge their faith.


Douglas Abbott said...

How many of us are out there making assertions about things we have only explored superficially? This is why we are dull if we do not honestly examine all sides of an issue, to find the humanity in those who believe differently.

FCB said...

Yes, overlooking the humanity, that strikes the heart of this quote I think. I can recall heated debates in my past that now, many years later, my views have completely changed and leaves me embarrassed and wish I had .......... well, you know.