Tuesday, January 22, 2013

  The following paraphrase of Mark 5 by Nell Sunukjian. (I found her writing on a blog called The Good Book Blog) is so insightful. I love how she interprets the tenderness of our Savior.

  Jesus quietly, tactfully, respectfully, took the mother and father with Peter, James and John into the dead girl’s room. Taking her gently by the hand, He called to her, “Little girl, get up now.”
And she did.
Jesus said to the parents, “Don’t exploit this healing. Give her some food to revive her. She’s been without nourishment and she’s hungry. And, keep this quiet. Let her grow into her approaching womanhood in privacy. Don’t take her out and show her off as a girl who was dead, but now she’s alive. No, let her finish her childhood. Don’t take advantage of this miracle—think of her needs. What is best for her? She needs nurture and she needs protection.”

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