Monday, March 11, 2013

Charisma, intrigue, depth of personality, are all things we are drawn to and captured by, whether the person is male or female, good looking or not, there is a well balanced individual that on rare occasion we meet and leave with an indelible mark left on our minds. A true flowering of virtue, God's greatest portrait. 

This following piece is a description of such a woman that Frederick W. Robertson writes about to a friend. It humbles me and challenges me to become more; more Godly: more engaged in life: less impressed with myself.  

   "I have never met any thing that came near what I dreamed – a being not conventionally right, nor correct by rule, not stiffened into propriety by a little hoard of maxims, but moving often in new worlds, amidst relationships and spheres of feeling where others would be bewildered, and left without chart or compass, and yet guided unerringly by a kind of sublime instinct, as the bird of passage is, in its high flight for the first time through fields of air, where the sound of wings was never heard before. The more I see, the more I honor that marvelous heart, the more I feel it is unlimited and incalculable; in this way possessing that of the infinite, without which I suppose it would be impossible to feel towards any thing with perfect security of permanence. Her character is a living one, inexhaustible. 


Douglas Abbott said...

I think there comes a time in the lives of many believers where they cease to agonize over the strictures in the Bible. "Walking in the Spirit may well mean, among other things, having a general sense of reverence and submission toward God, love for others and the desire to bless. It may be okay for us to "forget" about analyzing everything down to the molecule. If we do this successfully, life can be an adventure again.

FCB said...

The way I understand what you said, I wholeheartedly agree. To me, this piece speaks to one who owns their faith, moves in the Spirit like soaring bird that has an inner sense of God's will, removing fear, allowing for the daring, with or without the approval of others, not with the tincture of pride but an inexhaustible sense of God's opportunities; following Him in the Spirit and let the letter fall where it may. Needless to say, he defined it better than I, but I get a glimpse of it, and it is a thing of beauty.