Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poor in spirit

  James Dobson had a guest on today and she made a comment about Matt. 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” that I hadn’t considered as an application. I think it’s clear that it refers to those of a repentant and contrite heart, but her application applies to those that are downtrodden in spirit, the poor inner city single mom who has little hope that her children will break out of the cycle of poverty; the child who has suffered abuse and has lost his way and lives in dejection and despair; the desperately poor in developing countries that live with hunger, lack of medical help and despair; the drug addicted that lives in a cloud or confusion without hope. The spirit of dejection, which sees no end in sight. I have met many in my Christian walk that live in utter hopelessness and are overcome with a “poor spirit.”

Jesus was anointed to open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those who dwell in darkness.” Surely this defines those with impoverishment of spirit.  


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Excellent post. Yes, there is too much suffering,dejection and despair in this world. There seems to be endless suffering for some people and it is unbelievable how they can manage so much suffering in their life. We grumble and complain for simple things whereas we are blessed in million ways. These days,as I lay on my bed in the night, I make it a point to thank God for the innumerable blessings he has bestowed upon me and believe me I feel happy and go to sleep peacefully.

FCB said...

Thanks Joseph, glad you liked it, knew you would.
God bless,