Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We preach Bible

 As some of you know I began working with Prison Fellowship a month ago. I go with two brothers and we have an hour to talk with about 30 inmates about the Bible and matters of faith. The amount of Bible understanding is very limited with most, many not knowing the difference from the Old and New Testaments, way of salvation or really, what the Bible is about.

Now, last night Tom, the leader, asked me to open by giving a brief explanation of who we are and what we do. This morning I thought about that more and decided to write a little poem about the Bible.
Here goes ---

We preach Bible

Thunder, lightning, pillar of fire
 Evils captive, caught in the mire

Prophets, priests, and warring kings
Mystery, marvels and magic things

Devil, demons and dragons clash
Follower’s teeth that grind and gnash

Sorcerer’s mystery trying the knot
Woman of faith receives what’s sought

Staff changed to a serpent, Bitter to sweet
 Blind man’s sight received on the street

Proud and vicious, road to perdition
Straight and narrow souls of contrition

Skeptics weeping, dead man’s plight
The humble and poor’s heavenly flight

Poem, prophet, proverb and prose
Born to die, being dead He rose

Bear and lions, terrors of the wild
Tamed and gentle, led by a child

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