Monday, April 15, 2013

  I shared this piece with a brother the other day and thought it is something many will appreciate.

"Private experience is an unsafe teacher, for we rarely learn both sides of an issue, and we see the gilt on the surface but we shouldn't assume there is steel beneath. But, student of wisdom, feed on the marrow of the matter; If you will suspect, let it be of yourself; if you will expect, let it not be gladness." 
  What I took from that is that we are poor judges of the heart and past experiences of others, we see but one side, just because we see actions that are good doesn't mean they are truly from the heart. And if we will be suspect of anything, let it be of ourselves and our weaknesses, and keep our expectations from people low, very low. We serve God and He rewards our good works, sometimes, people do as well, but don't count on it.

Found the picture on another blog. 

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