Wednesday, April 17, 2013

  I read a short poem by Robert Browning this morning that I like. The last line is a bit unclear to me but I think it means, “To continue to fight against sorrow in the world.” The word – recommence- is unfamiliar to me but in looking it up it appears to mean, continue or begin over, or begin where one left off.

“Gladness be with thee, helper of the world.
I think this is the authentic sign and seal
Of Godship, that it ever waxes glad
And more glad, until gladness blossoms, bursts
Into a rage to suffer for mankind
And recommence at sorrow.”

I took the poem to mean that when we serve God we will gain a momentum of joy and when, as that joy increases, it bursts into a rage, or zeal, for mankind and fuels us on to further service where the sacrifices seem little. 
Photo taken from the Internet. 

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