Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was reading in Acts 28:25-27 where it says “The Holy Spirit spoke,” and I stopped to consider, “what was the Holy Spirit going to say to them and to me?”
As I read on I began to see He was speaking too Duty and Purpose and Restoration. “For the heart of this people has become dull.”

Dull to duty --
“Lest they should see with their eyes,” those that are close, in our immediate and extended family, those we see and of whom to serve and love is our duty.
We no longer see the grief of our father, the tears of our mother, the sorrow of our siblings, the fear and insecurity of our very children, the loss in the eyes of our spouse. Our eyes have been dimed by our self-seeking; we are blinded by our lusts and restless pursuit of appetites which never find satisfaction.

Purpose ---
“Lest they should hear with their ears,” those that are far; the cry of the oppressed, the child kidnapped for use in the sex trade, the mother whose breasts are dry for lack of nourishment and her children die in her arms. The little girl who has gone blind for lack of protein which we could have easily supplied by the crumbs from our tables. We have scarcely heard the mourning of the orphan and widow of whom are in our charge that we would be their keeper.  
The cries and heartaches have become a distant drone that has been drowned by our worldly ambitions driven by our ceaseless desires and cravings.

Restoration –
If we seek understanding of the desires and purposes of God we will hear with our hearts and He will bring healing.

Give us mercy Lord, for, “The Holy Spirit rightly spoke…..”
 Photo by Jack Dallas. 

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