Monday, January 05, 2015

  "Morality must always precede and accompany religion, and yet religion is much more than morality. You buy a camellia, and determine, in spite of the florists advice, to make it blossom in your parlor. You watch and tend it, and at length the buds appear. Day by day you see them swell, and fondly hope they will come to perfect flower; but just as they should open, one after another they drop off; and you look at it despairingly exclaiming," All is over for this year!" But are not camellia roots, and branches and leaves good?" "Yes," you answer; "but I do not care for them. I bought it for the blossom."

  Now, when we bring God the roots and branches and leaves of morality, he is not satisfied. He wants the blossoming of the heart; and that is religion."  Henry W. Beecher.

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