Tuesday, January 13, 2015

  "The evidence of truth does not always appear immediately, nor strike the soul at first sight. It is by long attention and inspection that we arrive at evidence, and it is for lack of it that we judge falsely of many things. We make haste to judge and determine upon a slight and sudden view; we confirm our guesses which arise from a glance; we pass a judgment while we have but a confused or obscure perception, and thus plunge ourselves into mistakes. This is like a man who, walking in a mist, or being at great distance from any visible object, like a tree, a man, a horse, or a church, judges much amiss of the figure, and situation, and colors of it, and sometimes takes one for the other; whereas if he would but withhold his judgment till he comes nearer to it, or stay till clearer light comes, and then would fix his eyes longer upon it, he would secure himself from those mistakes." Isaac Watts.

  If you were curious as to what is in the picture, it is some bizarre monster from a movie. :)

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