Thursday, January 21, 2016

I read a post on Facebook the other day, one of those short maxims we all get, and it talked about wanting to be around people that do things. That made me think, so I wrote this little poem about the kind of people I want to be around.

I want to be around people that --

Take the time to ponder, wonder and think,
Maybe try and express it, with brush or ink.

Muster up the courage to pioneer
Regardless how onlookers boo or cheer.

Battling the past with its demons and ghost,
By Christ's power, never in humans to boast;

Or trust or cling, though the fairest frame
    But humbly calling on Jesus name.

Folks that'll jump in the fray, till the battles won,
Or go down swinging after all's spent and done;

For faith, friend, stranger or duty bound
They won't give up till a solution's found.

Charting a course away from sloth or apathies
Agitating my heart with the highest sympathies.

Folk with vision and goals, be they large or small
That'll work with ambition whether they rise or fall.

I just want to be around folk that are doing things
For the good of man, whether paupers or kings

Veins filled with fire for the good and the grand

     To magnify Christ, in this sin laden land.

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