Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  There are people that may have little outward beauty or eloquence when compared to the lush and generous blooms that many have, and we may ask, 'What is their purpose in God's kingdom?' This quote by Ruskin speaks in metaphor, to those who serve a great purpose where others often wither.

  "The first time I saw the plant soldanella alpina, it was growing of magnificent size, on a sunny Alpine pasture, among the bleating of sheep, and lowing of cattle, associated with a profusion of geum montanum and rannuclulus. 
I noticed it only because it was new to me, nor did I perceive any peculiar beauty in its cloven flower. Some days after, I found it alone among the rack of the higher clouds, and howling of the glacier winds, and, as I described it, piercing through an edge of an avalanche, which in its retiring had left the new ground brown and lifeless, as if burned by recent fire; the plant was poor and feeble, and seemingly exhausted with its efforts, but it was then that I comprehended its ideal character, and saw its noble function and order of glory among the constellations of earth." 

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