Wednesday, January 13, 2016

  "The strife of temptation, and the toil of duty, and the cry of grief, let these three be a constant concern of every true Christian. If we become complacent to these three, will we not go all alone into the silence of death and eternity, and then personally look into the reality of those things, which we were always aware of, but never attended. Will we not stand face to face with the God whose service he has strenuously encouraged? Empty, it is to be feared -- of the only offering which we could tranquilly offer, -- the offer of ourselves; and thrown upon the Infinite, not as a child upon a parent's bosom, but as a penitent in abasement before the Judge."  Martineau.

The continual strife of temptation we battle, as well as others in their struggle; the daily toil of duties we face each day as well as others who bow under its weight; and the cry of grief within, as we overcome our demons, and the cry of those without, who face poverty, oppression, abuse and despair: and often alone. 

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