Tuesday, January 19, 2016

  "Here is a man, who serves humanity from personal ambition, and earns the good will of his neighbors, that he may advance his position in his social circles. He selects some conspicuous effort, and labors at it visibly enough, and defends himself from the criticisms of the few that dislike him, by surrounding himself with the applause and approval of the many; and if you look at him, busy before the face of his community, you will not fail to see the intent of his diligence; that in proportion as they raise the shout of approval, he prosecutes the work; and when they are tired of him, he grows idle; and when they can lift their voices no higher,   and nothing more can be gained by laboring for their good, either he begins to toil in the opposite direction, or, throwing down all implements of work, gives himself up to some strange frolic, at which the spectators who have exhausted all their praise, may at least gratify him by being astonished." Martineau.

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