Saturday, October 15, 2016

Faith in men

"Showing faith and confidence in men, even to the worst and meanest,
Has power to overcome his ill nature, by charitable good.
Fling your un-reserving trust, even on the conscience of a culprit,
Soon you will shame him by your faith in him, and he will melt and mend:
The nest of thieves will not harm you, if you will bear yourself boldly towards them:   
Boldly, yes and kindly, as relying on their honor:
For the hand so stout against aggression, is quite disarmed by charity;
And that warm sun will thaw the heart case-hardened by long frost.
Treat men gently, trust them strongly, if you wish their well being;
For cautious doubts and bitter thoughts will tempt the best of them to thwart you:  
Believe the best in confident hope, and you shalt reap the better;
But if you deal with men expecting evil, your dealings make them worse.
Doubt not there are some gleams of good still lingering in the darkest,
And among veterans in crime, plead to them as with their children:
So astounded at your humanities, the bad heart, even though long estranged,
Shall even weep to feel himself so unworthy your love;
In wholesome sorrow will he bless you; yes, and in that spirit may repent;

Thus, you will gain a soul, by showing mercy in faith. 

Martin Tupper

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