Saturday, October 15, 2016

"It's true, man is vile, but more in capability than in actions;
His sinfulness is deep, but his transgressions may be few, if only for lack of temptation:
Remember, he is hanging in a gulf midway, but even so, the air is breathable about him:
Thrust him not from that slight hold, to perish in the vapors underneath,
For, God pleads with the deaf, as having ears to hear,
Christ speaks to the dead, as to those that are capable of living;
And it is an evil teacher and a tempter to much sin,
Who looks on his hearers with distrust, and has no confidence in his brothers.
All may mend; and your sympathies may be healing; and reason has its influence, even with the worst;

And in the worst there is ample hope, if you will only have love, and faith."  Martin Tupper 

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