Friday, October 07, 2016

 "More and greater sins are committed when men are alone than when they keep themselves in fellowship. When Eve in paradise walked alone, then came the evil one and deceived her. Whoever is among honest men and in honest company, is ashamed to sin; or, at least, he has no place or opportunity to do so. When King David was alone and idle and went not out into the wars, he fell into adultery and murder; and I have myself found, that I have never fallen into more sin than when I was alone. Solitariness invites melancholy; and a person alone has often some heavy and evil thoughts; so has he strange thoughts, and construes everything in the worst sense. Melancholy is an instrument of the devil, by which he accomplishes his wicked purposes. The deeper a person is plunged into that state, the more power the devil has over him. To live in an open, public state, is the safest. Openly, and among other persons, a man must live civilly and honestly -- must appear to fear God, and do his duty towards men." Luther.

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