Wednesday, October 26, 2016

  "The godly man is timorous, and yet safe; tossed by the seas, and yet safe at anchor; impaired by evil accidents, and righted by Divine comforts; abused by the world, and yet an heir of heaven; hated by men, and beloved by God; he loses one house, and gets a hundred;   is forsaken by his friends, but never by a good conscience; he flies from his enemies, but hath no distracting fears; it is his business to be troubled, and his portion to be comforted; and in the recompense of this he hath God for his father; Christ for his captain, the Holy Ghost for his supporter; so that he shall have all the good which God can give him, and of all that good he hath the Holy Trinity for an earnest and a gage for his maintenance at the present, and his portion to all eternity." Jeremy Taylor.

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