Tuesday, April 24, 2018

  I listened to a woman at the jail unroll her life of great sorrow to me; she was molested by her uncle from age eleven to fifteen, her mother, lost in drugs, did nothing: her father absent. Her addiction to drugs and ultimately meth, began at thirteen and now she sits turning 40 this year, 27 years of addiction and sorrow with absolutely no awareness of God's love, never been to church, and no understanding whatsoever of the connection between her childhood trauma and her circumstances today.
I feverishly rushed to educate her on God's rich mercy and his unfathomable grace, as well as sending her away with two books on Biblical healing for the abused.
Her nearly six foot exterior was hard and she takes no crap from anyone; let me illustrate -- during the sermon, on the men's side of the room, a young guy full of himself was incessantly starring at the youngest girl attending. She is a very petite and young girl, cute as cute can be. This guy caught her attention and began to move his tongue in ways he thought was seductive to try and ..... appeal? to the young woman. His sad fate was that the chair next to him was vacant, and the forty year old woman quietly and tactfully got up and sat next to him, where she looked straight into his eyes and with furrowed brow and gaze of steel said, knock that shit off, she's not for sale! And then quietly got up and returned to her seat. He sat humiliated and his eyes never returned to the girl.

This woman's exterior is hard and course, further traumatized by witnessing her husband put a gun in his mouth and kill himself. Her heart of sorrow was so sensitive tears unwillingly fell from her eyes our entire conversation, and she has flung her sorrows on Jesus for hope and I will pray and believe she will continue to run to Him for refuge. Will you pray with me?   

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