Friday, April 13, 2018

I want to share this prayer request we got at the jail this week. It really struck me how this woman is so in tune with the other women there, some people see what others miss. She has been busy doing the work of Christ in jail, where she is a fellow inmate, and it humbles and inspires me the way she is so connected to the other inmates. Imagine, just imagine if we all were so vigilante to care for others.....
  "First I would ask that you pray for my new friends here at WCCC Gyla, taloy, Jesse, Gyla for her Agorahphobia that when she leaves here we remain as good of friends and become the best of. Taloy that she figure out how to keep herself out of trouble here that she don't feel the need to be so mischevious LOL so she can stay here and not go back across the street,(isolation) she just needs guidence. For Jesse that she finds a little peace in life and that she get back to her son as she misses him greatly and Vice Versa. For Charlene she just began her new meds and it is a scary things as I just had a friend take her own life and I pray that it doesn’t have the affect her in a similar fasion for my friend Alnya she is not w/her children and really struggling w/relationships and legally and I want to pray for her to have strength and that she to find peace, and for my friend Brittany that she go to court and she make it here w/an open heart and that she maybe restored to sanity and reality and remember she was wanting to get clean and get her heart and head and life right and that,she is given the Plethorah of oppurtunities, I am here, and lastly I pray for my new found friends I have met in the five of you I thank you for your time and love and hope and encouragement and just for being you."

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