Sunday, April 01, 2018

  I work with people that have either lived traumatic lives or suffered great crisis, and so I want a church where they will be comfortable and feel accepted, even if they come from a counter culture and have extreme fashion, or lack there of. 
I tell people that if no one is smoking outside before and after church, then the church is probably not reaching out. The same with the children's Sunday school; if they have no vision for the children, then something’s amiss. 
I want to see young women in dresses too short, young men with hair like an abandoned bird's nest, the faint smell of tobacco circulating in the sanctuary, and all types and ages, that's my idea of a healthy church. People being rescued from crisis, the streets, the missions and the house next door. A pulpit where the Pastor preaches like he means it!  I've heard it said this way -

"The sermon wasn’t flowery, ‘twas simple gospel truth;
It fitted poor old men like me, it fitted hopeful youth.
‘Twas full of consolation for weary hearts that bleed;
‘Twas full of invitations to Christ, and not to creed."

  Yes, where Jesus is lifted up as the answer for all our needs and the Holy Spirit's love prevails in the congregation. Nothing for sale in the lobby or behind the pulpit; 
lunch and snacks take place in homes where guests are invited after church, and the keynote singer is Sally from the choir. The talent is weak but the volume is high; Amens and tears outnumber laughs, and a Bible's behind every pew.

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