Saturday, January 06, 2007

Add your thoughts

I was reading Philippians 2:1 and thought I would share some of the applications that came to mind in hope that you might add to the list as I will share this at the Nursing Home, and of course hoping it will be a blessing to whoever reads it.

Encouragement -- From the first until this very moment, God encourages us to do, to think, to become, our very best. Taking the yoke with Jesus Christ begins our journey to become the kind of person we can admire. Christ encourages us in every deed of life to find the sweetest nectar. Be it in the market place, among our friends, or in the most intimate of relationships, our marriage, or in the mentoring, training and loving of our children, or be it a stranger we happen upon; we are encouraged to make and take from it the warmest of affection, the deepest of bonds, the greatest of opportunity.
If we start or if we stop, God encourages us to go on. If we win or fail, He encourages us to see the best. If we are educated or ignorant, He encourages us to grow. If we fear or if we hope, He encourages. If we have the health of a ten year old or the frailty of a centenarian, he encourages us on.
At every point, around every corner, through each change, known or not, He is the great encourager.

Comfort from His love – In the brightest day or the darkest night; in the strength of obedience, or in the midst of our sin, in the fellowship of the multitudes, or alone at the midnight hour; in the joy of childbirth or the sorrow of death; in the blessing of new found friends or in the bidding of fond farewells, when all seems bright or at life’s bleakest hour, God sends His comfort through a sympathetic friend, a caring parent, a golden sunrise or the mouth of a babe, a word from a stranger, or the warm apprehension of His presence, He comforts us.

Fellowship of His Spirit – Whether a faint call from the distances or like a sudden rushing flood sweeping us away into divine ecstasies, eyes wringing wet, heart sobs with joy. In the coloring of the day or a hope in the night, in the midst of the Tabernacle or the corner or our closet, in a small still voice or a thunderous clarion call, we are never left without the fellowship of His Spirit.

Tenderness and compassion – In our great struggle in living we continually meet with His great tenderness and compassion. He knows we are but dust and has compassion when all have left us. In return, He leaves traces of His tenderness to abide with us and as our stony heart is broken, our fallow ground is tilled we find in ourselves this growing compassion for His business of loving mankind.
Whether it is our darling child or an unknown stranger in a land far away.
A person lovely, or one in the most distressing way, be it friend or foe, we find birthed in us a growing compassion for the world.


matblue said...

I have been visting the boy with the tumor in the hospital lately. Doing so I also met a 12 year old girl who has a rare skin disease where she looks like she was burned head to toe. She is suprisingly happy and dealing with the pain of it well. I was deeply impressed by her will to be bright despite the wickedness of her appearance, she looks like Job. I also found out that she is Thai Karen, the tribes of the Karen are found in Thailand too. She is the only Christian in her household, and she is sharing her love for God with her family. I was so grateful for God's care for this girl, and it hit me why she has strength. Because like you said God is the great comforter and encourager. How I love my God.

FCB said...

What a good report! This struck me on different levels. It thrills me to hear that the boy lived and you have been able to see him. In addition you were able to meet the Thai Karen girl and be a comforter to her.
It made me think of the way I have seen God work in so many acts of charity. We go with a purpose, and then God blesses the purpose by expanding it. I think it is a principal of godliness. We never know what will happen when we begin a good work.
It never amazes me how God cares for everyone and sees that they are not forgotten.
I love Him too!