Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blood Bubbles

The following quote is by T. DeWitt Talmage, one of my favorite authors because he uses such riveting illustrations. The context of the quote is about the sophisticated persons that feel they are too educated for faith in God, and how they laugh at the thought of a devil.

Satan has a fastidious appetite, and the vulgar souls he throws into a trough to fatten his swine; but he says: “Bring to my golden plate all the fine natures, bring to my golden plate all the clear intellects, bring them to me; my knife will cut down through the lusciousness; fill my chalice with the richest blood; pour it in until it comes three fourths full; pour it until it comes to the rim of the chalice; pour it until the blood bubbles over the rim. There, that will do now. Oh, this infernal banquet of great souls! Aha! Aha! Let the common demons have the vulgar souls, but give to me, who am the king of all diabolism, the jolliest, the gladdest, and the grandest of all this immortal sacrifice. Aha!”

Please forgive me, but I love a word picture with a kick.

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