Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thoughts from Psalm 145 and 146

The Lord upholds all who fall, and lifts up all who are bowed down. You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.

As I read that I thought about a show I watched last night on the poor in America. In particular one little boy about four, homeless, reared by his mother without his father and in my opinion about as hopeless a condition as can be.

When he entered kindergarten he was shown pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods.
He was asked what time of day they were eaten. He never experienced three meals a day and was at a loss as to what he was being asked.
But this little man captured my heart because in the midst of all he lacked, he found things to put a smile on his face and a laugh in his play. I watched as God upheld this boy, how he built him in such a way that this child could find happiness in poverty. His little heart could see good, in so little.
He was shown a room that he and his siblings and mother could stay in; with a bare light bulb, and just the scrub necessities, and he was thrilled, he was so thankful for his new shelter, it was home, nothing more than a large pantry to me, but a paradise to him.
His little bowed down heart was lifted, his simple desires were satisfied.

The Lord is loving toward all he has made, he has planted in the soul of every child the ability to find contentment, sense fulfilled desire, hope when bowed down, and it was a beautiful thing to watch as his little heart swelled with pride mastering a stick drawing or singing a verse.
What a protection God has designed into the hearts of His creatures. It would be unbearable to watch were it not for this indefatigablele spirit.

I watched captivated each time the camera would move in close to capture a spreading smile as his round eyes lit up the room.
I reflected -
The Lord gives sight to the blind. Sight to him, to experience joy in sorrow; and sight in me, to awaken to his need.

As I watched his simple little life and the joys and pleasures he took from the simplest things I began to see how marvelously God weaves compassion into the hearts of men. This too, is God's way of upholding the oppressed. We all care about hurting strangers, unknown to us but deep within us a kinship and we find ourselves moved to action. Surely this is part of what the Bible means when it says; "The Lord watches over the alien."
Lord help me be a greater part of your loving.

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