Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sorrow Begets Compassion

Misfortune and trials are great educators. A young Doctor comes into a sick-room where there is a dying child. Perhaps he is very rough in his prescription, and very rough in his manner, and rough in the feeling of the pulse, and rough in his answer to the mother’s anxious question; but years roll on, there has been one dead in his own house; and now he comes into the sick-room, and with tearful eye he looks at the dying child, and he says, “Oh, how this reminds me of my Charlie!” Trouble, the great educator. Sorrow—I see its touch in the grandest painting; I hear its tremor in the sweetest song; I feel its power in the mightiest argument. T.DeWitt Talmage

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matblue said...

My Dr. friend said he believes most of health work is just caring. Placebo meds would help most of the time with love. I'm not sure how much of my care or lack of care for others come from my own hardships or easy life, probably hard to tell for one, but I can definately see it in others.