Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tide of influence

It seemed to be a matter of no importance that a woman, whose name has been forgotten, dropped a tract in the way of a very bad man by the name of Richard Baxter. He picked up the tract and read it, and it was the means of his salvation. In after days, that man wrote a book called "The Call to the Unconverted," that was the means of bringing a multitude to God, among others, Philip Doddridge. Philip Doddridge wrote a book called "The Rise and Progress of Religion," which has brought thousands and tens of thousands into the kingdom of God, among others, the great Wilberforce. Wilberforce wrote a book called, "A practical View of Christianity," which was the means of bringing a great multitude to Christ, among others, Legh Richmond. Legh Richmond wrote a tract called " The Dairyman's Daughter," which has been the means of salvation of unconverted multitudes. And that tide of influence started from the fact that one Christian woman dropped a Christian tract in the way of Richard Baxter --and on and on forever! T. DeWitt Talmage

Who can tell what the little deeds we do may bring?

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matblue said...

It ends the question of whether or not our time is worth it. Of course it is, that's why we have a concsience. It's the devil who lies to us and tells us we cannot change anything. I believe more than ever, partly because I have recently seen unsurmountable problems, that our time spent working towards the unbeateable is better spent than working towards visible satisfaction.