Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Elaboration is not beauty, and sandpaper has never finished a piece of bad work." author unknown
I like this quote, it makes me think about a lot of the squabbles we have in Christendom. We have a belief, we cherish it; present it in its best possible light, although it holds no beauty, but we articulate it; break it down past all possible recognition in an effort to bring a lustre to it and make it believable, but in most cases, to no avail.
I don't know what this brings to your mind but please share if you like.
Photo by Shawn Shawhan


Mel said...

Hmmmm... I don't like the photo very much, but I think it expresses the idea of the post perfectly.

Simple is better than elaborate, in most cases. For me, anyway. And yet, there is definitely a place for elaboration. There's a purpose and time for everything under Heaven.

I enjoy hearing the thoughts and ideas and feelings of others, even when, and sometimes especially when, they don't agree with mine. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, but I always feel at least little more well-rounded (in a good way), because of it.

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
"Simpler is better than elaborate",
I agree with you. I long to simplify my life, but it is no small task in this electic world.
One of the calls I hear in Christ voice is a constant pull to appreciate the simple. I try and approach my faith that way as much as possible too. I have always been drawn to the simple and the practical; that may have been my upbringing or just something Christ knitted in me.
Thanks for your comments Mel,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

The photo is is a beautiful work of art but very complicated.

As long our faith is strong and as long as we are united in Jesus Christ, I suppose the differences among us really doesn't matter. God has given us something called common sense and therefore we tend to interpret the same thing in different ways.

I hope you know the story of 5 blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. One touched the leg and said it looks like a pillar, another touched the tail and said it looked like a rope, another touched the body and said it looked like a little hill and so on. This is the case with us.

The one undeniable truth is that we all came from God and we have to go back to HIM one day after a short sojourn in this world.

Best wishes :)