Monday, February 02, 2009

The following paragraph from Jeremy Taylor’s book “Holy Dying” is a bit sobering, but it is an interesting thought and one we should be in mind of.
Oddly enough I smile a little as he makes his points, not to discredit it, but it just amazes me how he reaches into every nook and cranny of life and leaves no room for comfort, anywhere!
I suppose it also reminds me of my father, who was taken suddenly at age 41 from a heart attack. Truly, we have no promise we shall not die suddenly.
May I live as though I believed it.

“For since God has not told us that we shall not die suddenly, is it not certain he intended we should prepare for sudden death, as well as against death clothed in any other circumstances?
Fabius the Painter was choked with a hair from a mess of milk, Anacreon with a raisin, Cardinal Colonna with figs crusted with ice, Adrian the fourth with a fly, Casimire the second, King of Polonia with a little draught of wine, Amurath with a full goblet, Tarquinius Priscus with a fishbone.
For as soon as a man is born, that which in nature only remains to him, is to die, and if we differ in the way or time of our abode, or the manner of our exit, yet we are even at last, and since it is not determined by a natural cause, which way we shall go, or at what age; a wise man will suppose himself always upon his death-bed; and such supposition is like making of a will, he is not the nearer death for doing it, but he is the readier for it when it comes.”

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Mel said...

Thanks for this post, Fred. We all need to be aware of this, that any moment could be our last, so what are we trading the precious minutes of our lives for? I pray with every breath that God will be glorified by how I spend each of the moments of my life.

I was thinking about death the other day. I’ve yet to face the loss of someone very close to me, so I can’t speak about this first-hand. But one thing that strikes me is how, when someone dies, the people close to them sometimes act like someone played a trick on them, or singled them out for some kind of cruel and unusual punishment. I don’t want to sound insensitive, because I know it’s excruciatingly painful, and can be quite earth-shattering. But… We are all going to die, unless Christ comes back first. It’s not a big secret. And every living person with the exception of 2 who have gone before us have experienced it, so we’re all in very good company.

Just my $.02. I pray that God will be glorified in my life, AND in my death.

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
Thanks for your comments. The death of a close loved one is a very surreal experience. Often it is so sudden that one is left with a tremendous feeling of unfinished business. The awareness of finality haunts every moment. I think that may be the emotions that you have observed in people. Imagine if Linnea didn't come home from school today and you could never see her again. The shock of it sends us reeling, then the finality covers you; not one more word with that person, no goodbye, no "I love you", just this empty feeling of desertion, loss and overwhelming flood of emotion that numbs you from head to toe. Then you proceed through a predictable process - first emotional shock, similar to physical shock in intensity, then grief, anger and acceptance. This process can take a few weeks or many months. It is a God designed process and it helps us, and changes us, forever. I suppose there has been nothing in my life that has left such a mark on me as the death of loved ones. It shapes my personality, affects my faith, guides my ministries and deepens my sympathies. I consider it the best and worst experiences of my life. "My friends and loved ones shall appear, with my own eyes I'll see." Those are words from a gospel song and they will echo in my heart till the day they are realized.
God richly bless you Mel,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

It is true that every person who is born will die one day. No one knows when the death will come or how the death will come.Therefore, there is all the more need to do good things and find favor in the eyes of God.

God has give us this life to praise HIM and Glorify HIS NAME in our thoughts, words and deeds. At the time of Judgment we are answerable for this life HE gave us. We have to use our talents to the best of our ability and live a life pleasing to God.

This reminds me of a saying:

Many thanks for this inspiring post and a photo of a lady who looks very confident about the future.

Best wishes :)

Danielle&Hannah said...

Hi there Fred,
After the funerals (yes plural)I attended last year, I do think more often and more soberly about how I should better manage my time, not procrastinate, etc, etc.
I have always had some silly 'plan' and had 'funeral money' for me and Hannah - not a nice thought, but inevitable one day - My goal was to never burden my family with more than necessary. And when Hannah and I left her father, it was a real 'threat' of just how fragile our lives were. This is all good now so I am ever thankful for each moment I can have with Hannah and just to be 'alive'.
Our time is but a fleeting moment when compared with what an eternity must be... Hebrews 9:27 27And as it is appointed unto men once to die..
Of all the appointments that I miss from time to time, this will not be one of them. Not that I would have a choice?!
God knows us better than we could imagine and I believe and trust that He knows my appointed time.
And like most other people... I am just not ready yet?! *ironic*
Thanks for the thought,
Danielle :-)

Femin Susan said...

That is just pretty!
Thanks for sharing that.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
"God has give us this life to praise HIM and Glorify HIS NAME in our thoughts, words and deeds." I so agree, this life is a gift and we owe it all to Him; now, the hard part, living up to that. This post helps remind me.
The woman in the picture does project confidence, but sadly not long after her son died and then in the throws of despair she overdosed on drugs and died. She was a Hollywood star named Anna Nicole Smith. Such a tragedy.
God bless,

Hi Danielle,
I think it is very thoughtful to prearrange one's funeral arrangements; it is an exceedingly stressful time after the loss of a loved one and to be burdened with all the plans is nearly overwhelming.

I'm not ready either, as much complaining as I do, this gift of life will be difficult to surrender.
God bless,

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your comments, glad to have you come by and share.
God bless,