Friday, February 27, 2009

The following are a few stanzas taken from a poem called “Brother and Sister.”
It is remembrance of sibling love presented in the tenderest way.
It recalls to me my youth playing with my sister and as I was looking through pictures of my son Matt’s family, his son Nic is playing with his little sister Nisha, I hope and trust this poem will be theirs.
I typed in blue the lines that sparked most for me.

He was the elder and a little man
Of forty inches, bound to show no dread,
And I the girl that puppy-like now ran,
Now lagged behind my brother’s larger tread.

I held him wise, and when he talked to me
Of snakes and birds, and which God loved best,
I thought his knowledge marked the boundary
Where men grew blind, though angels knew the rest.

Thus rambling we were schooled in deepest lore,
And learned the meaning that give words a soul,
The fear, the love, the primal passionate store,
Whose shaping impulses make manhood whole.

We had the self-same world enlarged for each
By loving difference of girl and boy;
The fruit that hung on high beyond my reach
He plucked for me, and oft he must employ

This boyish Will the nobler master learned
Where inward vision over impulse reigns,
Widening its life with separate life discerned,
A like, unlike, a Self that self restrains.

His years with others must the sweeter be
For those brief days he spent in loving me.

His sorrow was my sorrow, and his joy
Sent little leaps and laughs through all my frame;
My doll seemed lifeless and no girlish toy
Had any reason when my brother came.

School parted us; we never found again
That childish world where our two spirits mingled
Like scents from varying roses that remain
One sweetness,
nor can evermore be singled.
Photo by Tony Hadley


Mel said...

This poem fills my heart with a bittersweet longing. To be able to express feelings in such masterful ways. To have had brothers or sisters with whom to have been able to form such powerful, life-changing bonds. That my own children will be blessed with a measure of what is expressed in this poem. Oh, Lord, please make it so!

Thanks for sharing this here, Fred. Another gem to add to an already-full treasure chest.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting and inspiring poem.
I wish I could say that I had this kind of relationship with my brothers ans sisters.

Many thanks for sharing'

Best wishes:)

FCB said...

Hi Mel,
I have but one sibling, a sister two years older than myself. We grew up in our early years isolated from other kids for the most part. I have many childhood memories with her that I treasure. I suppose that is why this touched me so. I'm glad you enjoy it as well, and I too stand in awe of her ability to express feelings.
I heard Coleridge or one of the great poets, spent a month searching for one word to finish one of his poems. Imagine that!
God bless,

Hi Joseph,
I'm glad you enjoyed this and were inspired by it as well. Our job now is to give those memories to our grandchildren, a fresh start.
God bless,