Thursday, June 09, 2016

  Here is a picture of the regular staff and volunteers I work with at the Union Gospel Mission.
This is a place I just want to be; can't explain it, can't describe it, but I know I must be there. The deep feeling, almost haunts my soul. I'm certain that this is where Jesus would be, where He is, midst this group of workers serving broken people; each with a story of sorrow. Some with the look that recovery is not far away; others, look as though hope has passed them by. A few angry, some proud: most quiet and downcast.
Downtrodden, this is the term that pervades the line of waiting souls. I feel like I can do so little, but somehow when I leave Jesus pours over me an emotional, "well done", the force of which is unexplainable but undeniable.  The spiritual wages I receive for such a trifle effort absolutely brings me to tears.
I work alongside these volunteers; one petite thirty something woman without hair, which she covers with a knitted cap or hat, travels 2 hours one way by bus to help the less fortunate. Today we sat together talking as we filled cups with sweets. She commented on the Christian song playing in the background, that this was her favorite song.
I told her I hadn't heard it before so she began to quietly sing the words in what seemed like a heavenly choir of one with a voice like Snow White singing "A Smile and a Song" from Disney's movie. It was just a moment, a moment flooded with the gentle breeze of the Spirit.
 Another staff member told me he had to leave early today to have hearing aids fitted, a young man of 40 at most. He said a month ago he had ten teeth pulled and fitted for false teeth, a common occurrence with lengthy Meth use. Now, as God is restoring his soul, the Mission is helping him restore his body. I just want to shout at the top of my lungs, Jesus is here! And I'm so glad to be here with Him; if just to touch the hem of His garment! 

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