Tuesday, June 07, 2016

   I talked with a woman that has four children last night; three of whom are in Foster care and her youngest is with her sister as she completes her jail sentence. I listened to her as she frantically, through gushing tears, describes her plan to get them all back. I think her pain is as high as one can feel without just cashing it all in.
She mentally scrambles to find solutions to problems that have none. Addiction, relapse, jail, bail and relapse. Her parents are Meth addicts and she began using at twelve. The reality is that DHS is planning to take her youngest as well, and truth is, it's probably the best solution, but as I look into her eyes of anguish and frenzied attempts to resolve it all.....
Oh God, what hope is there? Who can untangle this web of madness? Children torn from what little security they have ever known! Mom, desperately clawing at every closed door with all of her might, fueled by fear and pain in a toxic mix of confusion and failure absolutely coloring every fiber of what's left of her self-image. But still, she grasps a tiny thread of hope, that she will pull this all together. She tells me she thinks she feels something of God calling her. Oh! I tell her, "Seek Him first."  Oh! Run to Him! Let nothing get in your way! Seek Him like you have never sought anything before!"

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