Thursday, July 21, 2016

  A young woman, in her mid twenties, came in the mission doors and approached the food table timidly and unsure of what she could have; I explained she could have one of each of the foods offered and as I did she looked me right in the eye with such a haunting look. Her eyes were blood-shot and I'm sure she was on heroin because of her halting walk and appearance. Her face, which was overall pleasing: but oddly, she had tufts of facial hair on four places that were prominent, and any girl her age would have normally removed. She never said a word and was very slow in her movements, she took the food and left.
As she left I felt the Holy Spirit's love for her welling up in me. A little later she came back through the line again and this time I tried to be extra friendly and, once again, she looked me right in the eye, which is unusual, most people have their heads down and just look at the food. I wanted to reach out to her in some manner, but couldn't find a way. As she left I  was overcome with emotion and went in the back room for a minute to pray for her. A little later she came through the line again, this time I felt compelled to do something, so I asked her if she would mind if I prayed for her; she nodded okay. I drew her aside and prayed over her although she made no noticeable reaction, but simply looked straight in my eyes again, never saying a word, and then took her food and shuffled out. Now, my heart was breaking for her; I wanted to sweep her up in my arms and take her straight to Mother Teresa, my heroin where unconditional love and sympathy were always available, and have her lavish waves of love and care for her and steal away all her hurt and lead her to happiness and wholeness. It was a moment, like so many, where I am impotent to cause any noticeable change. So, I write this to solicit your prayers and to remind me of her. Her name is Sarah.

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