Friday, July 01, 2016

  "Wealth has its temptations: so has power. The vices of the rich are his forgetfulness of responsibility, his indolence, his extravagance, his ignorance of wretchedness." F. W. Robertson.  

  Before I went to work for Teen Challenge in the men's center in N.E. Portland, I rarely noticed the poor or indigent. I live in the suburbs away from poverty. It was a rude awakening when I got out of the suburbs and was face to face with far more poor; it opened my eyes and I found the heart of God in working with the downtrodden. Now I certainly don't consider myself rich, but compared to most of the world, I certainly am. My evenings were spent preparing a full meal, reading in my library or watching television, and it blinded me to the needs of the world's poor; I was "ignorant of his wretchedness." 

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