Saturday, July 23, 2016

  Arthur Benson relates his feelings after a walking with a dear friend   in a mountainous area. He describes the influence of his friend as they discussed "ultimate causes and conceptions. Oh, that each of us would have such an impact on another!

  "And so, out of my breathless ramble among ultimate causes and conceptions, I cam back to the world with a great sense of zest and relief; filled with a sense of far-off possibilities, and yet more sure than ever that we must neither idle nor despair, but walk swiftly and patiently and help each other along. On those cloudy hills I had gone astray as a sheep that is lost; and then suddenly there was a sense of the Shepherd walking near me -- the Shepherd Himself! -- For the philosopher was only a lesser kind of angel bearing a vial in his hands; the blessed sense of being searched for and guided and tenderly chidden and included in the welcome fold."

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