Thursday, July 28, 2016

  "There is a time when parents no longer offer their young children to goodness and God only, but now they limit their highest wishes for the child because of the influences of fashion, success, television's culture. The goal that their sons should be pure, manly, noble; and that their daughters should be guileless, modest, and of loving earnest heart; and that both should be so true to their best aspiring’s as to meet any Christ like eye and lie open to any holiest spirit; but these wishes are qualified now by the resolve that the children should have no disadvantage in the hot race of life, and they shall have all the skills to prepare for the use and ideas of the culture. And so, from that moment, the tyranny of custom intrudes upon the serious sanctities of parental choice; and on the minds that were till now protected, they allow a thousand influences to pour into their minds which shock their purity and bewilder their habitual truthfulness and, with a false dazzle of fun and frolic, begin to put out the earnest stars of heavenly contemplation. It is of all things the most difficult to watch the moral clouding over of life's early dawn." Martineau.     

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