Thursday, July 07, 2016

   Hearing God's voice

I met a man at the nursing home on Sunday who suffers greatly from depression and he had a hip replacement and was being forced to leave the facility early and he has great anxiety about going home alone without help. He could only walk on one leg and just getting up his stairs was impossible alone, not to mention all the other simple daily tasks. He lives very close to me. I looked for the voice of God in this as to how I might help. I heard no audible voice but the next closest thing happened as I read this quote --

"We are here brethren for a most definite and intelligible purpose; to educate our own hearts by deeds of love, and to be the instrument of blessing to our brother men. There are two ways in which this is to be done --- by guarding them from danger, and by soothing them in their rough path by kindly sympathies. Who has charged himself with the guardianship of his brother's safety? Who has laid on himself as a sacred duty to sit beside his brother suffering?   F.W. Robertson.

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