Sunday, February 24, 2008

Afghan Girl

This is the famous picture of the "Afghan Girl" taken by Steve McCurry, (who has a web-site where you can see all his work), they say it is the most viewed picture in the world. There were thirty originals offered for sale. I ran across one in a gallery in San Diego three years ago. It was priced at $3,500 and it burned on me to buy it. I didn't and opted for the $35.00 poster. I visited the gallery three weeks ago and was amazed to find that a mere three years later it now sells for $65,000. And worth every penny.
A modern day Mona Lisa if you will. Personally, I like it far better. I was at a site where they were discussing the picture and there were posts where people gave their thoughts. There was a wide range of opinion. Everything from appreciation of her beauty to those who saw the horror of war, fear, those that thought she was a good actor and the occasional soulless idiots thoughts.
I have this picture in my den and look upon it nearly every day. I never tire of it, and it never ceases to rivet my soul. As for me, I see the suspicion that nearly every Afghan person has when ravaged by war. This is not a girls trust that is easily won. The picture below is a common scene and no doubt the Afghan girl has witnessed scenes like it with her own eyes. That is the expression I see in her eyes, seen too much, for too long and at thirteen, she is doing her best to live life without hope.


Anonymous said...

The girl's picture is certainly powerful. The second picture here is harrowing too. Why God allows us to kill and maim each other is incomprehensible to say the least... -Matt

FCB said...

Yes, we have talked about it before and there are no answers. The whole world wants an answer to that question, why? I just don't get it. At times I just want to cry out and say to God just
'stop it!'
But it continues.So as it continues we do what we know in our hearts that he wants to do and that is work towards righteousness, peace, and ultimately joy.
Love Dad

HAINAngel2000 said...

I have to say with my own opinion is I don't believe it is God but the will of man himself. Its free will God gave us. With out free will we are merely puppets.
Sometimes its war that brings peace. If it weren't for some wars that happened in the past then many freedoms of today wouldn't be and slavery would still be today.
Not all wars are right don't get me wrong, but even in the end there will be a war.
War is horrific and causes death. Many people sacrifice and it is devastating each life taken. Its ugly.
Of course I believe in peace, but only God can bring true peace.
He can use each of us to go into wars and to spread love in it.
If the whole world already had peace and everything they needed then who would seek God? (bad worded please excuse for that) Bad things make us see when good things happen. If we never go through bad then we never know good when it happen-eds. At least we appreciate good things if we have gone through bad.
Probably not making allot of since. i am not the best with words and explaining what I mean very well.

FCB said...

Yes, I agree with what you wrote, but it still leaves something hollow in me. I know God wants us to be everything war is not, we should be peace-makers, loving, forgiving our enemies and on it goes, the closer you get to God the more you care about the evils of this world, but it still begs the question in me of why? I truly don't believe there is an answer this side of heaven but one day we will see; but I do know what we are to do about it, and that will have to suffice for now. We will be held accountable for the words and deeds we have done to prevent and bring aid, to all who suffer.
That I'm sure of; the rest remains a mystery.
Love Fred

HAINAngel2000 said...

I do agree Fred. We are to aid, this is what the Lord asked all of us to do. I agree 100%. We as a nation will face the Lord with why other countries suffer so much, even our own. God gave America such as milk and Honey and it is waisted on selfishness. So waisted.
We are to be like Christ, we are to be like Mother Theresa. There is a time for all things and sometimes war is sadly one of them.

Hugs and Loves

fcb4 said...

I think that girl staged the looks like it to me. A slight lift in the mouth makes it look like someone trying to look intense. OK...let the stoning begin.